Sound Systems:    * Corporate Presentation, Public Address Systems
                               * 8 Channel 500 watt Small Bar Systems
                               * 24 Channel 5000 watt Larger Club Systems
                               * Full Arena Sized Concert Systems
                               * Any Size or Configuration You Need!

Lighting Systems:   From 8 small PARs on trees with chasing,
                                 to 16 PARs on trussing with trees and a controller,
                                 to concert sizes with moving lights, computer
                                 controlled, and with follow spots and operators….
                                 We can make you look incredible and memorable.

Staging:                    From a single level 8 X 12 foot to a multi level
                                  48 X 32 foot and larger...
                                  We can do any size you require.

Event Planning:        From that first flash of inspiration, right up to the
                                  house lights coming on for your standing ovation,
                                  We can help you make your dream a reality.

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